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UK Funeral plan market: starting to settle but mind the gap!

FSE’s Funeral Plan Market report 2024 provides an in depth independent expert view of the funeral plan market. How it is settling down post FCA regulation, the trends shaping future sales, views from funeral directors, in depth consumer insight, and focus on the gap between unattended direct cremation and basic traditional funerals and funeral plans.

FSE Independent Research Report 2023: Is the grass greener or is it all about regulatory status?

How are independent funeral directors feeling now the shock of FCA regulation of the funeral plan market is subsiding? Are their plan sales holding up, are they happy with their provider, and how are they coping with the rising trend for direct cremation. Read our report here.

Funeral plan regulation brings customer confidence amid provider expectation of FCA consumer duty scrutiny

FSE Funeral Plan Market Report 2023: Consumer views, shifting trends and unfinished FCA business? An in-depth review of the funeral plan market post regulation.

FCA regulation welcomed by most Funeral Directors in rooting out the ‘Cowboys’, while 1 in 10 contemplate a change in direction

FSE Independent research report 2022 - how are independent funeral directors feeling post FCA regulation of the funeral plan market. Read our report here.

Ashes – are they mounting or shifting?

What meaning do cremated ashes hold, what happens to them, and how will environmental considerations shape their use. See the results of our survey of 1,500 UK adults.

Environmental impact – how consumers judge new and existing body disposal methods

What do consumers say about existing and new body disposal methods – and which new method rates highest for being helpful to the environment.

Chipboard coffins and the rise of the ‘dark greens’

The strength of consumer feeling about environmental issues – further fuelled by the recent COP26 conference in Glasgow - is only going to increase. That will no doubt have implications for the funeral industry. This is our view on what we can expect of consumer demands.

Simple online wills surge due to covid – but are they risky?

Use of online wills in the UK have surged – but are they risky? Our independent research exposes some potential consumer issues.

FCA funeral plan regulation: Funeral Solution Expert independent research report

What do Independent funeral directors think about FCA funeral plan regulation and funeral plan providers. Read our independent research summary.