Working with us and our trusted partners

There are a number of ways to work with us at Funeral Solution Expert.

Consultancy input

We help businesses that need our consultancy input to a specific challenge or project. This could be as a one-off fee or as part of an ongoing arrangement. We work with large established funeral plan firms, new funeral plan providers, crematoria owners, will writers, legal services businesses, and providers of other innovative solutions in the end of life sector. We also specialise in providing insight and guidance to other consultancy firms, new entrants and investors seeking to better understand the funeral planning and funeral service sectors in the UK and the opportunities that exist.

Research projects and sector insight

We help businesses that need a specific research project managing and executing. We either manage and conduct this work ourselves or we have a strategic relationship with Trajectory Partnership; a premium quality, multi-methodology insight and foresight analysis research firm with extensive experience in later life subject matters. We can work with them to help shape bespoke research projects for business, using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. We also share our regular insight work with firms on a paid basis including tailored reports and debriefs of our annual independent funeral director survey, direct cremation market trends study, and our extensive sector reviews including Online Wills 2021, and Funeral Plans 2023.

Funeral plan regulation support

We help businesses that need support to adhere to FCA funeral plan regulatory requirements. Whether as a plan provider or as a new entrant seeking to understand how to become authorised. We work in partnership with a specialist compliance firm which has helped a number of funeral plan firms successfully become authorised, including funeral directors wishing to sell their own plans.

FSE 5 star product ratings

Where we rate providers as part of our extensive market sector studies, we may award 5 star product ratings based on quality and value. These 5 star rating badges are available for firms to purchase for use under license in their marketing promotion. To date we have rated online wills, direct cremation funeral plans and traditional funeral plans.

Marketing and sales effectiveness

We have extensive experience in marketing effectiveness and proposition development gained across multiple sectors for some of the UK’s largest financial services firms. We help businesses develop more effective multi-channel marketing activities that lead to increased sales and marketing efficiencies.

Reciprocal partner

Where we can share content and knowledge.


As one of our designated charities as part of our charity promise.

Media partner

Simon Cox is available to share expert comment or opinion whether that is in print, in studio or on video call. We can also provide any aspects of our reports or thought leadership articles as required. We also have access to specialist PR support.

Industry contacts

We also have direct contacts with leading stakeholders across the sector including funeral organisations and plan providers, will writers, trade bodies (formal and informal), regulators, UK and Scottish Government, local authority membership organisations, consumer groups and opinion formers, specific interest groups, academic and relevant charities.

Advisory boards

Simon also sits on advisory groups and boards including: Scottish Government Funeral Poverty Reference Group and is a Board advisor to a funeral plan firm.

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