Independent and unbiased review and research focused on the funeral plan market in the UK.

Synopsis of this report:

  • Funeral Solution Expert’s independent review of the UK funeral plan market.
  • This report explores how the market is settling down post FCA regulation, and how funeral directors and funeral plan firms are faring.
  • We explore how direct cremation and traditional funeral plans are evolving including new innovation and any development in environmentally friendly options.
  • We outline the trends that are shaping the future of the sector and funeral plan sales.
  • The report includes research work among UK independent funeral directors and their attitudes towards regulation and funeral plan sales.
  • We explore the views and attitudes of 1,500 UK adults looking at drivers for buying funeral plans, how they feel about funeral preferences and who they trust to deliver services, and views on specific aspects of funeral plans including cancellation fees and regional pricing.
  • We place specific focus on understanding more around the potential and risks that exist in those firms wishing to play in the ‘premium’ direct cremation space and where a level of performative service is added. What will be needed to succeed here and how the battle will shape up between direct response players and funeral directors. Why firms need to understand the audience and ‘mind the gap’!
  • We conclude areas where firms still need to consider where customer outcomes are questionable and Consumer Duty rules will likely see the FCA step up their efforts to ensure fair value.
  • We outline why we believe that the FCA need to better level the regulatory playing field between Funeral Plans and Over 50s life insurance and where a funeral plan much better meets the core consumer need.
  • FSE review the current funeral plan propositions of all national firms and conclude who we rate as providing the best value customer solutions in the market.
  • This report is available to funeral plan firms, funeral directors, opinion formers, and consultancy firms working in the funeral plan sector. It will be particularly useful for new entrants considering an approach into the market or those simply wishing to understand more.
  • It will be provided as a fully designed digital PDF of around 65 pages including charts.
  • An additional full deck of 40 powerpoint charts is available to purchase showing all consumer insight and cross tabulations which underpin elements of our headline report. For more information on this please contact or


1. Introduction and executive summary

2. Methodology

3. Funeral plan market structure

4. Funeral plan market size and trends impacting future sales

5. Funeral plan regulation – how the sector is settling down

6. Funeral plan propositions – simplification, pricing, development, and innovation

7. How consumers feel about funeral plans – key drivers and motivation

8. Product features for the FCA to look at more closely

9. Opportunity and risk of the ‘Premium’ direct cremation market – ‘mind the gap’

10. When is a funeral plan not a funeral plan? FSE comment on Over 50s Life Insurance

11. How misleading is the headline stat for the ‘average cost’ of a funeral?

12. 2024 - FSE  top rated funeral plan providers

13. FSE summary conclusions

14. FSE guidance for consumers