Funeral Solution Expert independent research report: Direct Cremation trends in the UK funeral services market – how do UK independent funeral directors feel about direct cremation and will the growth surge seen during the pandemic continue.

Synopsis of this research report

Funeral Solution Expert (FSE) conducted independent research among UK Funeral Directors working with the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD), to understand:

  • How direct cremation volumes changed before/during the pandemic and after restrictions were lifted.
  • How different types of funeral business approach the promotion of direct cremation.
  • What care and services are provided to families choosing direct cremation.
  • Whether these services are outsourced and if so to which trade providers.
  • The distance deceased will travel to their direct cremation provided by a funeral director
  • Consumer understanding of direct cremation in Funeral Directors opinion.
  • Funeral Director general feelings and opinions of direct cremation.

This research establishes how funeral directors feel now, how they feel they will engage with direct cremation in the future, and FSE provide insight as to what this means for the future direction of the direct cremation sector in the UK.

The report provides 2,500 words of market commentary and exec summary and a slide deck of 40 powerpoint slides and graphs.